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  My new collections in 2016. 


   These are a few more of my pieces. 


 Chairs and Stools 

Depending on the coating, the lustre and shine of the wood will be different. You can select either lacquer or oil. If you want to highlight the natural beauty of the wood, I suggest you select the oil finish. However, should you desire a deep gloss, then you should choose the lacquer finish. At the end of the day, it is really your preference.

These items can be rather bulky. So, you can stack some of the stools when they are not in use.


 Designer Benches 

This is one of my favourite pieces. It looks hard to sit on, however, you will feel it rather soft, particularly against your back. I hope you can feel warm and comfortable when you sit on it.          


  Small shelf with drawers

This shelf is quite special, don't you think? The image you probably have of a shelf is straight lines, but I wanted to do something different.

The first thing you notice is the upper back which was left open except for a small accent to show off the natural flow and grace of the wood.

The bottom drawers which curve gently outwards, complete the playfulness of this piece.          


  Dining tables

While your children are living with you, you want to have a big dining table, but in the future you do not need such a big one.
Here is one solution. Before I make a big table I always think about the future and how I can re-make it according to your needs, should you so desire.



 Some more small items 

Some furniture is a bit large and some is small. It is difficult to find the right size and the right shape,isn't it? Have you ever experienced this kind of thing before?

Do have a look at these items. You may find the one you have been searching for.


By using left over materials, here are some cute items 

Many small wood chips will be left over after making different pieces. Some of them will go to my wood stove, but I feel it is wasteful, so I have used them in a different way.
Each piece of wood is different and must be matched according to size. It takes far longer to make than it looks. To tell you the truth, I would rather not make any more of these!
They are quite neat looking though, aren't they?

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