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Have moved to Texas and here should be my final place. 

Spring has come! How have you been my friends ? We moved to Texas where my son and wife live. I rent a small part of working place where I can make my own working space. The owner of this place is metal worker and is making all kinds of iron/metal items, such as selves, lamps ect. I am looking forward to working with him. Some day we can corabolate and make some furniture.
Should you have some good idea, then, you can inform me we certainly work on it/them. But please do not expect of having some patent fee.

Well, today is just to inform you we have moved to Texas. Please do take care of yourself. Do not be beaten by Corona virus. See you soon!!

 Added a few more pictures  

It looks small but it is good enough for me. All machines are just within reach. 

Perfect Japanese size, I should say. 


  About myself

I am not good at talking, particularly about myself. Therefore, let me upload my article which was published a few years ago. I hope it will do, for the time being.

  I am showing my works, large and small 

First, you can see how a side table is made. Then, a small unit which can be set on a table or shelf.
It is a pity that you can not feel how easy it is to take the things out from one of the drawers.

 A new showroom has been opened

It took me a long time but my showroom has now been reopened. You are welcome to visit me to check my works. My plan was to make a corner which you can see Japanese like products also a corner for Western like ones.

Anyway, please drop in whenever you have time.


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